Discover our collection of gold earrings. At Tales In Gold, we believe that each of you is unique and therefore every design is unique too! Every woman deserves to feel special wearing exactly the jewelry she dreamt of! Your dreams can come true! Explore a variety of earrings, all handmade and all made of solid gold using special hand tools to shape and form them for each of you. For those who love the all-time classic yellow gold, for those who admire the romantic tone of the rose gold, and for those who believe in the power of white gold, we create each piece exactly as you have imagined it!

Personalize your studs, threaders or long earrings even further by choosing the karats too. 9, 14, or 18 karats solid gold in yellow, white, or rose. The choice is always yours! For the minimal-lovers, you may find a variety of simple earrings small or long to fit your mood! If you love the dazzling effect of the gemstone and birthstone earrings, then our collection will definitely seduce you.

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